About Us

BridalBagsByHelene.com started up in February of 2001 to help people take the stress out of the above-mentioned special occasions. Wedding emergency kits and formal purses in which to hold them, travel kits, and overnight kits for expectant Moms and Dads were the original focus of the company.

In December of 2001–at the suggestion of friends and family–we branched out into the “little things” that occasionally get overlooked in planning a wedding. Sometimes we spend a great deal of time getting fitted for a dress and finding the perfect reception site, and we don’t have the extra hours to shop around town for ceremony and reception accessories. BridalBagsByHelene.com will hopefully help you simplify your life.

We are a small business, and based on our prices, you should be able to tell that we are in no hurry to reach the millionaire mark. We keep our costs low, which means we can keep our prices low and customers happy. We like it like that.

Enjoy life!